Special belts


According to customer requests we are able to offer you any type of special belts. The product code for special belts is S-7...

In the following rubric please find examples of different applications. These belts provide an example:

Crash protection


H-belt with roll up automat at shoulder belt

H-Gurt mit Aufrollautomaten bei Schultergurt

Retractor with spring safety hook

Retraktor mit Karabinerhaken

Lifting sling


Electrical lockable roll up

elektrisch sperrbarer Aufroller

Statics special belt with children safety lock

Statik Sondergurt mit Kindersicherheitsschloss

Colour codes

Our belt straps are available in the following colours:

Belt strap black
Colour code: 2050-0000
Belt strap agate grey
Colour code: 2024-0000
Belt strap savanna-beige
Colour code: 2025-0000
Belt strap speed-yellow
Colour code: 2021-0000
Belt strap orange
Colour code: 2026-0000
Belt strap Indian-red
Colour code: 2020-0000

Belt strap Ocean blue
Colour code: 2029-0000

Farbcode Ocean blue